About company

In The Name of God, the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful


“HANAVIN” our Trade Mark and Logo is a combination of two Kurdish words, “HANA” means “HOPE”, and “AVIN” means “LOVE” which by combining these two words we get “HANAVIN or “ HOPE & LOVE “.


“HANAVIN” tries by executing professional work, with emphasizing on the biggest and the most valuable asset of the company which is our professional human resource, to provide the best possible services to its clients and addressers which results to creating hope in all the group categories communicating with “ HANAVIN “, like our respectable consumers, relevant sales agents and our dear competitors, to enable us to say that: yes, it is possible to achieve an honorable and respectful relation, much more over than jest a buy and sale business activities, with all the those whom we work and cooperate for   mutual benefits, until we reach to the point that we assume and claim that we all are members of one family.

It may be possible that with grace of the almighty, we will not only to be a goods seller, but to be a seller of Hope and love, and on retune for what we sell, we earn hope and love, and if we succeed to do so, we have done our duties to our fellow citizens, home land and all the human races. Surely, this would be such a magnificent glory achieved.

Doubtlessly, one of the greatest specialties of LOVE is creating HOPE, therefore get together all of us and pray to the almighty for it and do our best honor and sincere efforts thereafter.

Oh, Almighty. Support us and make us eligible to create the causes for hope and love in our selves, the loving people of our ancient land within the borders, an all the nations in the world.